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Period Time Publishing Program

Everything you need to become wildly successful using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

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10 Years of experience bundled into one single program.

Never even heard of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform or you are a seasoned publisher, this program will benefit you. This is not just another course but a detailed business blueprint, elegantly designed to fast track your success with KDP. 

There is no need

  • To write a single word
  • To design low or no content covers or internals
  • To hire a ghostwriter/editor/proofreader
  • Or even run one single ad

“A truly unique strategy generating passive income capable of creating generational wealth”

The Period Time Publishing Course

Module 1: Hacks to stay productive under stress

Your mind is your most powerful asset and your most formidable opponent. Before you move into this training you must prepare your mind for business. In this module, we detail actionable steps to increase your productivity and become a high-level high-performance entrepreneur. 

Module 2: KDP Account Set Up and Success Optimisation

Without a solid foundation, even the best-planned out building will ultimately fail and crumble catastrophically, often bringing down everything around it. In this module, we lay that foundation strong and well to ensure your business not only stands but towers overall which resides around it.

Module 3: Internal Content Production Secrets

I guarantee that you have never seen a strategy such as what lives inside of this module. It's unique, it's simple, yet complex. By the end of this module, you will be able to feel the powerful vibrations in the palm of your hands, and when you place those hands just right magical things begin to happen.

Module 4: Uploading & Proofing to KDP Like a Pro

Remember that power you received in the previous module? Now it is time to take that power and transmute it into actions, actions that will ensure yours and your family's future success for generations to come. This module shows you how to do precisely that, nothing less.

Support and Updates

Ensure that you visit this area often as all updated content from every module inside of this program will be posted here, as well we will be adding extra supporting videos such as new methods to make formatting easier as technology improves and the likes.You can also find all of our support options in this section along with how to access them. This includes how to access the private coaching area.


About the teacher

Dan Pye

Dan is an Amazon KDP original. He has been working with KDP since 2012 and has mastered the art of passive income using Kindle Direct Publishing. Dan has been so successful with KDP that he has been able to do it full time and completely transform his life. From a regular guy down on his luck and homeless to becoming truly financially free with KDP. Dan has now decided to share his knowledge and has received great satisfaction helping to transform other's lives. If you have not already, join Dan's program today at

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